10 Fun and Fabulous Springtime Adventures

Nick Hall Photography

Nick Hall Photography

True exuberant fun for children does not take a great deal of money. That tickly monster game you play before bath? Jackpot! Kids in the kitchen helping to make cookies? Fantastic! More often than not it is the spontaneous and goofy asides that make the best memories. But then a stretch of days like spring break arrives, and it is good to have a few things arranged. Keep in mind when you plan your week that good fun usually has some or all of these elements:
• An unfolding pace that does not rush or hurry, even if it means a detour that preempts the original plan
• Enough new elements to pique their curiosity
• The fewer restrictions—be on time, dress nicely, keep your voices down—the better
• Parents are relaxed and open and seeing the world through their kids’ eyes

Some of the Big Ten here are Northwest-centric, with apologies to our readers across the United States. You can search online for similar activities in your area, with the same results—memories that last a lifetime!

1. Micro-Adventure. There are many diversions and adventures out your back door or a short distance away. Here are a few ideas: Take the Kingston ferry and drive to Point No Point Park. It has sandy beaches, a lighthouse, and a picnic area. Discovery Park is another one of our favorites, and Seward Park has wonderful trails and paths through woods and along Lake Washington.  Other micro-adventures include Borracchinis’s Bakery
where kids can watch the bakers at work; Visit Pike’s Market and buy vegetables to make soup for supper; and stroll the waterfront to ride on the ferris wheel then check out the latest digger activity for the new tunnel!

2. 3871871579_4e409640f8_oHurricane Ridge. Catch the Bainbridge ferry drive through Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge. It is a beautiful place in the Olympic Mountains for a short walk, and often there are friendly deer that eat out of your hand in the late afternoons. In Port Angeles, there is a waterfront trail along the Sound perfect for strolling or bike rides
3. Bike Burke Gilman Trail. Load up the bikes and drive to Gasworks Park,  and ride the Burke Gilman bike trail as far as little legs will go. There are many places to stop along the way for lunch, or pack a picnicLivable-Streets-web-banner_101110
4. Backyard Obstacle Course. Here’s some ideas for stations: Place a broom stick between 2 chairs to create a jump, Remove shoes and pick up a marble with toes and place it in a coffee can, Pile up old tires for a climb, or lay out 2 wide and 3 long to run through (one foot in each tire on either side), crawl through a cardboard box tunnel, create a jump rope station, make a station with a basket holding a woman’s old dress and shoes that the kids have to dress in. Have your kids dream up their own stations!
5. Pony Ride. Line up the cowgirls and boys at Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park in Redmond, while big brother or sister rides, your toddler can introduce herself to farm animals
6. Kids Discovery Museum on Bainbridge Island. Walk on the Bainbridge Island ferry and visit the fabulous Kids Discovery Museum a block from the boat. The exhibits include the Pirate Tree House, Our Town—with a bank, doctor office, and grocery store and an art studio
7. Go fishing! Gold Creek Trout farm requires no license and provides all the equipmentkidsfs
8. Fly a kite.  The classic spring time adventure! Most toy stores have kites or you can order them from Amazon
9. Plant potatoes in a tire. It is super easy. Fill a tire with compost and soil, plant the potatoes, and as they grow continue stack another tire on top and add more dirt. You can add several tires (available for free at most tire stores). Taters will grow all the way up your tire! Harvest in the falle9cddb528eb4ceafd0c89acf9969ab46
10. Movie-fest. I couldn’t resist this one. See back-to-back movies in a multi-plex theater on a rainy day and watch someone else’s adventures, you deserve it after having so many of your own!


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