Beautiful Silk-Dyed Eggs

photo 2

Who would think that an old tie from Goodwill could produce such a gorgeous dyed egg! The trick is you have to use 100% silk for the transfer to work.

What you will need:
Old silk ties or other silk clothingphoto 1
Pipe cleaners or twist ties
Old pillow case torn in pieces to cover the eggs
¼ cup white vinegar

Cut a piece of silk to a size large enough to cover the raw egg. Wrap the silk around the egg with the right side (the side you wear out) next to the egg. Next wrap a piece of old sheet or pillowcase around the egg and the silk and secure it all with the pipe cleaner or rubber band. photoPlace the wrapped eggs into a pot and cover with water, then add the vinegar. Boil for 20 minutes, cool, and unwrap. Voíla! Aren’t they beautiful?


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