3 Fresh and Lively Birthday Party Games

Games are the glue that holds a birthday party together and make it memorable. Kids are wired to move, and parties that allow big body movements are the most engaging and fun. The following games and activities are simple and require only a few materials to put together. They are best done outdoors where noise and energy are welcome and clean-up is a snap. Consider them for your next birthday party and get ready to bring on the belly laughs!

Balloon Stomp

The more people you have for this game, the better it is! You can play this barefoot or be sure no one is wearing hard shoes that could scrape ankles.

What you will need:images 2
1 to 2 balloons for each player

Cut the string into 18” pieces. Tie one balloon to the ankle of each player with the string. When all the players are ready, yell GO! and have the kids try and stomp out the balloons of other players with their feet. The person with the last intact balloon wins. You can also play this with a balloon tied on to both feet for double the fun.

String Game in the Woods

You don’t need the woods to do this activity, your backyard can be just as much fun!

teambuilding-icebreaker-activities-meetings-1.1-800x800What you will need:
ball of string, yarn or twine
small prize per player (a certificate for a favor, a small toy, a flashlight etc.)
paper and felt tip to make a name tag per player

Begin by tying the prize to one end of the string. Place the prize in a hiding place in the woods then unroll the ball of string as you walk around bushes, cross streams, wind through trees, and zig-zag your way to the place you will start the journey. Tie the nametag to the end. Repeat the process for each player.

When you are ready to start, tell everyone to roll up the string as they go along and recycle it for another use. Younger children will enjoy playing this game in your own yard–up and down and around familiar objects and landmarks.

Candle Quenchimages

This game takes a good eye and a true aim! Be sure to have adults supervise.

What you will need:
several votive candles per player
box of matches
one squirt gun filled with water per player
clay to secure candle upright

Settle the candle firmly in a piece of clay on a table or rail. Have the player stand a good distance away (how far will depend on the abilities of the players!). Light the candle and have the player try and extinguish the flame with the water from the squirt gun. Count the number of squirts it takes. The player with the fewest number is the winner. If there are several people with the same score, have a playoff: take one step back after a successful quench to eliminate players. Use a new candle for each player because once the wick gets wet, it can be difficult to relight.

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