10 Delicious and Healthy Kid Snacks


fruit skewerNutrition has been a hot topic in every class I’ve held this year, so I thought you would appreciate these great ideas for healthy kid snacks for the new year.

What healthy snack ideas have you used with your children? Please share! We are in this together!

  1. Diced cheese with pretzel sticks (fun to poke and eat)
  2. Sweet potato chips
  3. Sliced avocado
  4. Toasted Garbanzo beans
  5. Fruit on skewers
  6. Apple and carrots par-boiled for little ones
  7. Roasted Kale Chips
  8. Chicken and bean quesadillas
  9. Smoothies with spinach, yogurt, milk and fruit
  10. Banana bread with applesauce and less sugar



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