Dessert First!

What is so sacred about dessert after dinner and not before? What’s wrong with shaking it up and breaking the rules? It turns out nothing; in fact dessert first will shake up the lockstep of routine and make a dark day brighter.

It started one night many years ago when the kids were young and preoccupied with the rules of life. I surprised them with banana splits for dinner, and heaping helpings of carrots and celery for ‘dessert’. Surprised isn’t the word. I shocked them. And Dessert First became a kooky annual tradition, used mostly to celebrate the end of the school year, but I slipped it in between every once in awhile when we needed a change up to the rules of food.

We picked an evening and spread the kitchen table with all the banana split makings one could possibly dream of—four or five toppings, chopped nuts, whipping cream in a can, ice cream in several flavors, and of course bananas. There were no regulations. Everyone—from the oldest to the youngest(a 3-year-old)—could make their own, use as much whipping cream as they wanted, flood the bowl with chocolate sauce, have second helpings. I warned everyone if they didn’t eat all their banana split, there would be no vegetables for dessert. And if you need professional consideration on this one the experts tell us it makes good sense to keep food fun and unholy, and it starts young. What better way than Dessert First? It’s good for you.





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