10 Ways to Boost Kids’ Creativity


One of the biggest creativity killers is feedback; all kinds of feedback, the good and the bad. If an adult makes a comment or observation about a creative effort, it is evaluation pure and simple. Evaluation curbs a child’s enthusiasm and makes them self-conscious, even when we believe we are building their esteem by offering positive feedback. To encourage the growth of imagination, give time and the tools to create with, then step back and allow a child to run free with the wondrous question: what would happen if? What would happen if I used this color? If I put clay in water? If I made a Halloween costume out of egg cartons? Giving children the freedom to explore an idea without interference or feedback is rich territory where creativity expands like a well-used muscle. With time and opportunity, that strength will spill over and serve a child for the rest of her life.

10 Ways to Boost Creativity:

  1. Limit screen time. You will add hours to a child’s day.
  2. Do not be a perfectionist. It is a legacy that inhibits positive risk taking and confidence in children.
  3. Turn your formal dining room into an art room. You use it only twice a year anyway.
  4. Set up a card table for projects where the process does not need to be put away.
  5. Embrace failure. All good ideas go through several permutations.
  6. Provide a box of inventing or art supplies.
  7. Be tolerant of the mess creativity can sometimes leave behind. It is easier to wash a table than open a closed mind.
  8. Play Mozart while creating or studying, studies have shown it helps with focus and information retention.
  9. Avoid structured sports and activities until a child is in school.
  10. Keep a family ‘idea’ notebook. Write down new ideas, inventions that should be devised or speculation.


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