Easy Pressed Tin Gift Ornament

Pressed Tin Gift Ornament

Add a lovely touch to your gifts with these easy pressed tin ornaments.

What you will need:
Disposable aluminum oven liner or pie pan
Short knitting needle or pencil with a blunt end
Cookie cutters
Pile of newspaper

Cut the rims off the liner or pie pan for a flat piece to work with. Place the pad of newspapers on the table. Next, trace a cookie cutter lightly onto the foil with a pen and cut the shape out. Lay the shape on the pad of newspapers. Now for the fun part! Using the knitting needle or pencil, press a design or series of patterns onto the foil. Press hard! You want a firm hand to make clear lines, but take care not to pierce through the foil completely. When finished, use a paper punch to make a hole near the top of the ornament and thread a piece of ribbon or wire through.

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