10 Ways to Childproof Your Home


Life on your hands and knees or 2 feet from the floor means every cord is a fun rope, every hole worth poking into (think electric sockets), and every container is filled with interesting potions worth tasting. Household injuries are at the top of the list why kids under 3 go to the emergency room, and they have the highest risk of injuries in the home, simply because that is where they spend the most time. Pre-empt disaster with these simple steps.

  1. Put outlet plugs on all electrical outlets
  2. Install safety latches on all cabinets
  3. Install window stops
  4. Place safety gates on stairs
  5. Set the water heater thermostat to 120°
  6. Place doorknob covers to rooms not childproofed
  7. Store all medications in a locked cabinet. Watch for loose pills on the floor after taking your medication
  8. Use cordless blinds or tape the blind cords above the window sill
  9. Place smoke alarms on every level of your home
  10. Use locking lids for hot tubs and install a 4’ fence around pools and ponds

And one more thing: Place all your fragile doo-dads out of reach.  It will save everyone a lot of nagging and grief!

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