Hello Jello! Edible ABC’s

By Nancy Blakey

Our son was a kinesthetic learner. If he could touch it, manipulate it, hold it in his hands, the information would stick. When it came time to learn to read I used wet spaghetti for him to make letters. We cut ABC’s from sandpaper and glued them to a page so he could close his eyes and play a guessing game of what letter it was, but one of his favorite reading lessons came from good old Jello. Easy to make, fun to cut, and a wonderful touchy-feely way to learn his ABC’s! Order a set of ABC cookie cutters here  and use it for play dough activities as well.


What you will need:

4 (85g) boxes of Jello gelatin

2 ½ cups boiling water

cooking spray

cookie sheet with sides

Place the Jello in a bowl with a pouring spout. Add the boiling water and stir to dissolve. Lightly spray the cookie sheet with the cooking spray and pour the mixture in. Refrigerate several hours or until completely firm. When ready to make your letters, dip the bottom of the sheet briefly in warm water or place on a towel dipped in hot water and wrung out. Cut out the letters with the cookie cutters andlift from the pan with your fingers, or use a spatula.

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