Play Outside! Why It is Important in All Weather

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That’s right, in ALL weather. It’s easy to spend time outdoors when the sun is out and the temperature warm. There are fewer clothes to contend with and we are drawn to open that backdoor and step outside, but time spent outdoors in winter is almost more important and when we need it most.

  • Not sleeping well? Go outside
  • Stressed? Go outside
  • Need better focus? Go outside
  • Want more energy? Go outside

Study after study has documented the benefits of time spent outside for all ages, but for children in particular. It helps elevate moods, kids who play outside have more advanced motor skills, and those with ADHD have significantly fewer symptoms.

Don’t call the rain and cloudy skies bad weather, when dressed appropriately, it is fine weather to play in.

10 Ways to Play Outside in All Weather

  1. Buy a waterproof one-piece zip up suit like this. Every child who lives in the Pacific Northwest needs one, they will keep them warm and dry. Add rubber boots and you are set!
  2. Put a box together of old pots and pans and spoons for a mud kitchen
  3. Provide a bucket and brushes to paint with mud
  4. Finger paint with chocolate pudding on the waxy side of butcher paper
  5. Stomp in puddles
  6. Block water, make a dam, float a sponge boat
  7. Blow bubbles
  8. Make a tarp tent against a fence or a playground structure. Give them a thermos of cocoa to sip while listening to the tick of the rain
  9. Have a picnic in your tarp tent
  10. Get out the umbrellas and go for a long walk










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