Last Minute Halloween Costumes



What you will need:

2 pieces of poster board and paints or felt tips

black ribbon

paper punch

black sweat suit

black shoes

plastic headband

pipe cleaners

2 pom-poms

To make the wings, have your child paint splashes of color or patterns on the poster board. When the paint is dry, turn the poster board over and paint the other side. Then when both sides are dry, cut 2 appropriate wing shapes from the poster board. Next, punch 2 holes at the inner top and bottom of the wings. When ready to attach the wings, use the ribbon to thread through the holes and secure around your child’s waist and around the upper back below the armpits. Make antennae by gluing the pom-poms to the top of the pipe cleaners, then gluing them to the headband.

Bag of Jelly Beans

What you will need:

Bag of multi-colored balloons

Large clear plastic bag (your grocery store may give you one free—the ones

they recycle cans in work best. In a pinch you can use a dry cleaning bag

Fabric headband

To make your jelly bean costume, cut 2 leg holes in the bottom of the bag, and two arm holes near the middle. Blow up all the balloons. You want to fill the plastic bag with the balloons, but the number depends upon the size of your child. Have your child stand in the plastic bag through the leg holes and fill the bag with the blown up balloons. Place the headband around your child’s neck and feed the plastic through it to hold up the bag. Cut the excess plastic from around the face, leaving a couple of inches to roll down the headband.



What you will need:

white sweat suit

white tennis shoes

black hat

mittens, scarf, pipe

large black pom-poms for the buttons


white face paint (or simply use zinc oxide)

Glue a line of pom-poms down the sweat shirt for buttons. Put on the sweat suit, hat, mittens, stick the pipe in his mouth, and wrap the scarf around his neck. Rub the face paint or zinc oxide on, and you are set!

Stop Light

What you will need:

Black hoody and sweat pants

Black socks and shoes

Red, yellow, and green construction paper

Spray adhesive (available in hardware stores

Cut large circles from the construction paper and lay them on newspaper. Spray them with the adhesive and press onto the black hoodie.


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