Music Matters! And Singing and Dancing


By Paula Solis Krock

So often when I heard the words as a young mom Sing to your children Dance with them! ! I rolled my eyes and thought, “I have a terrible voice! I can’t dance!” but here is the beautiful thing—your child DOES NOT KNOW THIS! In fact, until your child is about 10 years old you can be free to sing off-key and dance badly and they will delight in their light-hearted, connecting time with you.

Music and movement yields huge developmental benefits to your child, as they learn to move their body and develop gross motor skills, but also it helps them develop language skills as they sing, cognitive skills as they work on memory and recall and social emotional development as they connect with those around them.

Lap songs are a great way to engage with infants and toddlers, connect relationally and build pre-literacy skills.Here is a link to a resource with multiple songs and rhymes.

Music and movement songs speak volumes for preschoolers. Here are some links for great ideas and songs.

Songs with a message are a great way to engage older children. Here are some links.

Amazon has some simple and easy songbooks to engage your child.

Babble actually does a great job of listing some fun and foot tappiing CD’s, which claim “ won’t drive mom and dad insane”. Check out their list.

Joining a baby or toddler group is an excellent way for your child to learn about music too, here are some in the Seattle/Eastside area:   Check out programs near you to bring music to your life, even if you think you can’t sing!

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