Easy Fall Leaf Tiles



By Paula Solis Krock

What will you do with all the beautiful fall leaves coming our way? I wanted to figure out a way to save each and every one of them! Just like my preschoolers who collect rocks and put them in their pockets, I have a thing for fall leaves; they’re stunning–I can’t get enough of them!

This project was one the famous Teacher Betsy at Northshore Co-Op Preschool created  for saving the beauty of fall. Its inexpensive, a project any preschooler can do, and long-lasting.

What you will need:

Plain white tiles

Assortment of small leaves

Some computer paper for behind the leaves

Brush or roller; although the foam ones work best

Acrylic paint

I went out and collected several small leaves of different shapes and sizes. I flattened them, and let my preschoolers choose one to paint.

They then carefully painted the leaves, with red, yellow, green and brown paint.

We then moved the leaf onto a clean surface, and flipped the tile over onto the leaf, careful not to move the leaf. The kids loved pounding on the tile.

Next you have the child pull off the leaf, to reveal their masterpiece!

I then sprayed these with an acrylic clear coat, three times to be exact and let them dry.

The result was stunning and the kids loved seeing the leaf imprint on the tile.

This makes a great coaster for Thanksgiving, or votive display for the Thanksgiving table. Wherever you choose to use it, I think they are beautiful!



















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