Recipes for Summer Fun


Summer is here! To encourage your “No Bummer Summer” I am going to offer up some recipes for summer fun to kick off the season. Frugal Dad had some great ideas on his website, and here are three fabulous summer fun activities we use over at The Lake Washington Toddler Group:

Sidewalk paint

Use ½ cup water, ½ cup cornstarch, about 12 drops of food coloring or any color you would like.  Place in a jar and shake until paint is completely mixed.  Empty into a plastic container and turn loose your artist on the sidewalk.  A muffin tin is useful to hold six different colors at time.


One of the best recipes I have found calls for 2 cups joy or dawn detergent, 6 cups water, ¾ cup Karo light corn syrup.  Combine, stir, and let settle, then store in a container.

Swimming Noodles

Swimming noodles are those long Styrofoam tubes used in swimming pools as fun flotation devices. These are incredibly versatile toys, as they can be made into marble tracks, stacking toys, large lacing rings, necklaces, balloon bats, golf clubs, a paint stamp, a ring toss, or a tic-tac-toe game.

What ideas do you have for summer fun activities? We are always looking for more—fill us in on what you do!



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