Road Trip Survival Kit

Whether you are traveling by airplane or automobile, a survival kit can turn a rising civil war into peace. Take your child’s age into account and add or subtract items that reflect his interest. Pack the collection in a small bag or back pack and set it aside until the day of the trip.

Lock and key

Pipe cleaners placed in a toothbrush holder

Deck of cards packed in a covered soap holder (play Concentration and match pairs)

Clay (playing with clay has seen us through church, airplane rides, restaurants, and in many tight places where children are to be quiet and confined)


Small pair of binoculars (you will be amazed how often these come in handy!)


Clipboard with paper, and a pencil bag with small scissors, felt tip markers,                         crayons or colored pencils placed inside

Snacks (never travel without food and water!))

Laminated map with a dry erase marker to track the distance

Story CDs or downloaded stories (some of our favorites include Odds Bodkin’s The Odyssey, Forrest Carter’s Education of Little Tree, Robin Williams/Ry Cooder’s Pecos Bill)

First aid kit with LOTS of Bandaids

Froot Loops and a shoestring to make an edible necklace


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