The Best Father’s Day Gift: Romance

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It was Father’s Day in Bristol Bay Alaska. The boys were fighting over who got to use the four-wheeler first, there was a parade of fishermen through the house, and my husband was buried in tasks. He looked tired as the salmon season began to unfold for our processing company. What Father’s Day?

“Could I see you for a minute?” I asked him at his desk.

“I’m busy,” he said shaking his head.

“It’s important,” I told him.

He sighed. Please Wife, another task to check off the list. He stood reluctantly and we walked into a small room. I closed the door, took him in my arms and gave him a long smoochy kiss.

“Happy Father’s Day,” I said. “There’s more later.”

My husband grinned, he did not want to go back to his desk right away. He wanted more happy Father’s Day. One of the boys walked into the room and froze.

“What’s going on?” he asked taking in the dim room and his father’s breathing. Of course we said Nothing, of course we went back to our tasks, and the kids made cards and the day unfolded like any other day until that night, where he told me that kiss made his day.

We can forget in the avalanche of life’s lock-step that romance can be a kiss away. It is not waiting for a baby sitter for a date night, or for the kids to go to sleep, or rewarding him for power washing the deck. You chose to be partners, you had a child together, you are moving through the responsibilities of family and career and that kiss is a reminder of what drew you together in the first place. Without it there would be no children, no father, and no Father’s Day to celebrate.

What does your partner want most for Father’s Day? Perhaps it is your affirmation that the spark is still there even in muddy boots with milling people outside a closed door; even when the timing is off and you could use a nap more than another distraction. Your child can make the card and serve breakfast in bed; your kiss is a pricelss gift.



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