The Rich World of Kinship: 10 Ways to Grow Human Connection

Look at the sweet faces of children in front of a screen—vacant-eyed, passive, disengaged. Okay, so the truth is we need that quiet passivity at times to get things done–to draw a breath or flip a pancake, or return an email, but there are greater things waiting to happen. Turn off the technology. It can deprive your child the time to interact with other people. These valuable social skills are acquired only with practice. You can’t learn to share or be creative without physically putting the imagination or the concept to use. Large families served in the past on how to interact with others and manage different desires and view points from our own. Today it is up to parents to carve out the time for emerging social skills and human connections–connections that help us to learn who we are, and where we are headed.

10 Easy Ways for Kids to Connect With People:

  1. Hold a swap shop and trade unused toys with friends
  2. Volunteer to bring your pet to a nursing home for an hour
  3. Knock on doors in the neighborhood to make a resource book with names, addresses and phone numbers
  4. Plant a garden in a community pea-patch or taters in a tire
  5. Invite ten friends over for a tug of war
  6. Give a homeless person a packet of raisins or peanuts instead of spare change
  7. Head to the kitchen and make crash cookies  for a shut in
  8. Ride a city bus or train
  9. Build a fort with several friends in the backyard and do not interfere with your ideas
  10. Make art and hang it on telephone poles and stop signs for all to enjoy


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