10 Things to Do with Kids on Rainy Days


by Paula Anderson

1. Have an indoor picnic or camping adventure

2. Visit a local nursery and plant a new house plant or make a fairy garden

3. Make instruments or binoculars out of toilet paper tubes

4. Buy a roll of shelf paper. Trace your child’s body and draw in your hands, feet, face

5. Allow your toddler to “wrap gifts” (anything they want to wrap) then let them open them

6. Make paper airplanes and have airplane races

7. Visit a kid-friendly bookstore or look for Reading with Rover times and locations

8. Make a sensory tub in a Rubbermaid container:  cotton balls, beans, or birdseed

9. Build a playhouse or a fort in your house with cardboard, blankets and cushions

10. Go for a nature walk – collect twigs, rocks, leaves etc. -when you get home make a collage or placemat between two pieces of contact paper


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  1. Marcella Solis says:

    Great ideas! Of course doing crafts would be my favorite!

  2. Great ideas. My daycare kids really enjoyed trying some of these activities, thank-you 🙂

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