The Importance of Science: 10 Ways to Bring it Home


“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the questions.”—Eugene Ionesco

Science is more than an accumulation of facts in our head, it is a daily part of our lives—from the computers we use to the clouds that create our weather. Today more than ever we need science to make thoughtful political decisions on the environment and health care, and that takes informed citizens. To foster your child’s interest in science and make it more meaningful, take the time to observe the world together. Ask questions. Note differences. Collect rocks on your walks. Talk about the textures and colors in nature. Do simple science experiments together.

Children need to experience a concept concretely in order to understand and integrate the information. You can’t pique a child’s interest in the world of science too early, and it is never too late. Don’t let your own lack of a scientific background stop you. Explore the concepts that pin the world together side by side. Transform ignorance to curiosity and learn together. You can be a powerful role model for your child that learning never ends.

10 Ways to Encourage Science in Your Family

  1. Do a science project at home once a week. Most projects take only minutes.
  2. Work with one broad topic a month: astronomy, magnets, energy, the senses, are a few examples.
  3. Give your child the freedom to explore the project further if he desires.
  4. Ask questions together, wonder, and surmise. Then look the answers up on the computer or in a book from the library.
  5. Check out science project books from the library regularly.
  6. Walk outdoors every day, year round, even if it is only for a few minutes.
  7. Make a book of pressed leaves and identify them.
  8. Put together a science box with a magnifying glass, a notebook, plastic bags, and tweezers.
  9. Do not tell your child the outcome of an experiment. Let him discover it for himself.
  10. Do not be inhibited by your own lack of science background. Remember learning never ends.




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