Become a Citizen Scientist! The Great Backyard Bird Count


I first ran across of the concept of Citizen Science when I was recycle-printing on the back of my daughter’s college research paper. I flipped the paper over, the words caught my eye and I lowered myself to the chair to read about the importance of every day people contributing scientific data from their own field observations and collecting. From the stars, to rain, to seawater and birds, people from all over the world were adding to ongoing scientific research on trending patterns, declines in populations (or increases), and habitat. Citizen Science is you. Citizen Science is me.

Here is an opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist. Every February the Audubon Society holds a 4-day count of the birds for a snapshot of distribution and numbers from your own backyard. This year the count runs from the 17th through Monday the 20th. Count the birds with your kids in your backyard for 15 minutes on one or more of the four days and enter the total here  . This is Citizen Science at its most accessible and adds valuable information on the population trends of our feathered friends. Anyone can take part. People from over a hundred countries took part in this count last year and came up with 48% of the world’s total avian species.

It’s easy! Sign up here. Count the birds in your backyard and contribute valuable homegrown information that only you can give.



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