10 Family Micro-Adventures

iron springs resort

iron springs resort

By Nancy Blakey

There is always something in the way of planning a vacation, an adventure, a weekend away that you know your family needs. There is everyone’s schedule to consider, the burden of corralling interests and making it fun, the work it takes to pack and plan, but why wait for Some Day when it all magically comes together, because it rarely does. Go on a Micro-Adventure that takes only a willingness to jump into fun. You may face skinned knees and detours. You may talk to strangers, get muddy or lost, and that is what makes it an adventure. A Micro-Adventure pulls you away from the lock-step of dull routines and makes a memory. In the end memories are the priceless jewels we are left with when are children are grown and gone. Some Day is now.

10 Micro-Adventures

  1. theearthchild.co.za


    Get on a train and ride it to a new city. Get off and explore: eat local, wander the streets, take side streets, talk to strangers. Here in the Northwest Amtrak makes stops in Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Edmonds, Bellingham, and Vancouver, BC

  2. Go razor clamming on the coast. While others head indoors in the winter, there are those who don their warm gear and head to the beach to dig for the delectable razor clam
  3. Go to a public market like Pike’s Market in Seattle. Give your kids $5.00 each to spend on whatever they desire to make dinner. Do not judge their choice! Let them prepare it according to their own quirky recipe. You will create a meal to remember
  4. Take a city bus, the monorail, a train or a ferryboat to the end of the line and explore. Have your child go through the steps to buy the ticket. You will be teaching her how to fearlessly ride public transportation, a valuable life skill
  5. Go to a museum with sketchpads and pens. Wander around until an art exhibit catches your child’s eye and draw it (you too!). We all are all artists, and drawing allows us to really see something with new eyes
  6. Find a local State Park with a fireplace shelter. Bring firewood and the makings for a picnic weenie roast. Build a fire and roast the dogs over it. The kids can explore the beach afterwards. Don’t forget to bring the s’mores!
  7. Head to Fir Island near Mount Vernon, Washington for the


    transcendent view of thousands of snow geese that over-winter there. There are fields planted specifically for the geese, and they arrive from Skagit Bay at dawn to feed. Don’t chase them! They need to fatten up for their epic flight back to the Arctic for nesting in the spring

  8. Check out Northwest Trek Wildlife Park  near Tacoma. In addition to wildlife viewing there is a half-acre adventure playground for kids that includes trees to climb, a stream with a beaver dam to play on, and toddler log cabins. Pack a picnic
  9. westseattleblog


    Live in the Pacific Northwest? Explore a lighthouse! Here is an excellent article by Katie Gruver who writes for Red Tricycle describing 5 near Seattle with additional facts and fun things to do

  10. Go on a night walk with flashlights in a park near you. Bring a thermos of cocoa, stay up late, listen for night sounds, look at the stars


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