Teaching Gratitude During the Holidays


By Rebecca Lemar

The holiday season of gifting and giving is a perfect time for teaching the importance of gratitude. Here are some ideas for keeping the holidays magical and full of appreciation.

Go Outside: Build a snowman with a heart. Shape a heart with snow or fill a balloon with red water, freeze and place inside a hole you carve where the snowman’s heart should be. You can also use a spray bottle and food coloring to make it red. The snowman has a heart because he is grateful. What is he grateful for? What are the children grateful for? Gratitude snowman!

3-minutes of Gratitude: When we arrive at school 3 minutes too early, we often spend our time doing a Gratitude Circle. My two children and I hold hands and we go around the circle and share one thing we are grateful for. They love it and I walk away feeling joyful.

k_lazy7naezm2otyxoym-4l5ubexigh_jtezu4gokhl2mf7oeuzqyaqpf04eeryqoikjdqs151Frugal Gifting: Children love to give. Take them to the dollar store and have them pick out something special for mom, dad or sister. This way they experience the process and feelings of giving. Make a card together, wrap it together and let your child deliver their gift. Handmade gifts are also super star presents!!

Fill the Stocking: Place thank you cards in the stockings this year. Send thank you cards to all the people who made your holiday special. Seal with a lipsticked kiss or add confetti or glitter to envelopes for more fun.

Family Time: Planet Earth series is a wonderful show to watch with children that fills their minds with the beauty and wonder of our earth.

Picture Shows: Iconic image

Picture Shows: Iconic image

Art Project: Make a Winter Advent Calendar on Happiness. Buy a piece of posterboard and in big letters write the word GRATITUDE in the center. Use sticky notes to write the date and something you are grateful for and place on the poster board. Fill it up starting any day of the week! Before, after or during the holiday season!!




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