Candy Science and Art Activities


Yikes! What to do with all that Halloween candy?! Grow brains and imagination! Here are links to 10 fabulous science and art projects using candy:

  1. Help your pre-schooler learn colors and engage fine motor skills with sortingp1130630


  1. Make a candy ornament for the holiday season


  1. Does it sink or float?


  1. Create a soda pop geyser with mentos


  1. Homemade Starburst finger paintstarburstfingerpaint15


  1. Learn weights and measurements with M&Ms


  1. Starbursts make divine sculpting material!starburst-candy-sculptures-1


  1. Add candy to play dough art for a new art experience


  1. hersheykisschocolateplaydoughrecipe1 Play dough made with Hershey Kisses!
  1. And my favorite! Build a Lego Candy Dispenserlego-candy-dispenser-22

How sweet it is!

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