Back to Work: 7 Things to Remember


By Rebecca Lemar

I didn’t want to return to work. I wanted to keep on tending to my newborn and doing mundane tasks at home in yoga pants. I envisioned myself staying at home until my child turned five, like my mother did with me, but there was no choice. Instead, I found myself handing over my tiny eight week old first born into the arms of his new caretaker. I could smell his baby skin still on me when the door closed and he cried and I cried.   I had waited years to become a mother and I just handed over my life’s greatest treasure. Here is how I made it through:

  • It’s hard. Totally. You’re not alone. Call another mama and talk through it.
  • Recognize your great inner drive to give your child a top-notch, wonderful life. Guilt can work against the mother that you truly want to be. Recognize yourself and all the effort you make to create this good, safe life for your bambino. Remember all you do for your family. Don’t be afraid to appreciate yourself and tone down the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee making all those critical remarks.
  • Once your child adjusts, of course there are so many social and intellectual benefits to a professional taking care of your child. But equally as rewarding: you also have a professional resource to help you through teething, tantrums, social anxieties, developmental milestones, etc. I found out about aquaphor, mum mums, teething tablets and much more from our informative caretaker.
  • Everything is an exchange. Spending less time with your baby can be an exchange for more quality time when you can be together. I worked so I could pay a housekeeper to do the chores and I could be with baby. This for that; Make the exchanges that benefit your needs.
  • Work shouldn’t be compared to motherhood, it should complement it. We work to get out of the house and be around adults, we work for the money, we work because we love to accomplish, we work because we’re good at something. These are good things. Bring your balance home.
  • Motherhood makes us stronger in so many facets of our lives life that yes, we can do it all, but in case you can’t, allow yourself to say, I can’t do it all today, I’m going to nap. You don’t HAVE to be Wonder Woman ALL THE TIME.
  • Young children catch colds frequently and you’ll be taking off many days of work to be with your sick child. Enjoy those sick days together. It’s hard to escape feeling pulled between work and children, but family first.

Motherhood is in its own superior category. We’re in it for the long haul and we constantly dish out pieces of ourselves we never knew existed. It’s all such a wild, courageous ride. There is no destination, right Mamas? We’re in it for the journey.

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