Packed for the Park Adventure Bag

Park backpack

By Paula Solis Krock

I’ve invited a guest blogger, Kristin Bauer from Everyday Organizing to share with us her ideas for Packed for the Park and some strategies for enjoying summer with our kids. For more great ideas and her full Packed in the Park post, be sure to check out her blog!

Sunny days  in Seattle  means J&A are clamoring to get outside.  If this summer is anything like last summer, I expect we will be spending almost every morning at one of the many local parks. We are so lucky to have lots of great parks here in Seattle close to home.  Park play dates are one of my favorite ways to meet up with other mamas.  The kids can run and play and get their wiggles out.  And if we are lucky, the moms can soak up some sun and catch up with each other on all the latest news.

Last summer I put together our park backpack and it has become a way for us to quickly get out the door the moment the weather calls for it.  (“Quickly” being a relative term of course…I do have two toddlers you know!) Our backpack has all the necessities for a fun day at the park.

First, to keep our selves sun-safe and to be ready for potential ouchies, I put in sunscreen and a Boo Boo Bag. Can I take a moment to talk about how cute this bag is?  I mean seriously: it is adorable.  Sometimes I think my kids actually like getting a little scratch because it means they get to use the Boo Boo Bag.

I got it last year at Target in the Back To School section (it is meant to be a pencil pouch). In it I keep Band-Aids, gauze, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer.

To maximize our fun, I keep an assortment of outdoor toys in the backpack.  My kids have been obsessed with blowing bubbles lately.  I have a large bottle of bubble solution, plus two small bottles of bubbles for J&A.  (Giving them the large bottle would mean that quickly there would be a huge spill and the grass would get a good bubble washing.  The small bottles of bubbles are perfect for their little hands.)

A few snacks, for both me and the kids, help to refuel the all the energy we burn off running around the park.  (Ha!  Who I am kidding?  I try as I hard as I can to lay on a blanket in the sun while the kids run wild.)

What are your favorite summertime activities to do with your family?  Do you have any park essentials?  What tricks do you use to make getting out of the house a little easier?

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