Go Outside! 10 Great Backyard Activities

The outdoors is one big world of YES. Kids can be loud and magnificently rambunctious. There are fewer stop’s and more GO!. Outside they can stoop and race, climb and swing. Kids can jump as high as they like and land hard. They can yell and scream and play chase and tag.
Outside is where our best childhood memories take place.

It’s universal. I have an audio scrapbook of kids’ playing in schoolyards all over the world, and no matter the language or culture, the joy-noise of kids playing outdoors is a common language of energy and celebration. When you are contemplating what to do on another summer day, here are 10 great ideas to guide you.

1. Have a dog wash
2. Make ice hands to cool off. Fill latex gloves (the kind doctors wear) with water and tie closed with a rubber band. Place in the freezer. When frozen, pull off the glove. Float the ice hand in a swimming pool, or cool off a sweaty face.
3. Buy a truck or tractor inner tube from a tire dealer (ask if they have used ones). Kids can bounce or big kids can curl up inside the hole with the inner tube upright and have someone roll the inner tube across the grass for a crazy ride
4. Make body paint by stirring a couple of drops of food coloring into a plastic dish of shaving cream. Make several colors and paint away! A great wading pool activity
5. Make an obstacle course in your back yard: use the wading pool to splash through, a ladder laid flat on the ground, crawl through a large cardboard box opened at both ends, place a broom on 2 chairs for a jump, pick up a marble with bare toes and place in a can, walk down a board laid in the grass, etc
6. Have an outdoor birthday party for your dog. Invite of few of his doggy friends over. Play his favorite games of fetch, tossing a stick, or chasing a ball. Make a birthday cake by pressing canned dog food into a bowl, then invert on a plate. Decorate with dog biscuits
7. Pick berries and make an easy and delicious jam by boiling 3 cups of berries, the juice of a lemon and 1 cup sugar for 30 minutes. Place into a clean jar (it will not be as thick as commercial jam)
8. Make a fort from a refrigerator box. Cut windows, decorate with paint or felt tips, put an old sleeping bag inside, provide plastic bottles of water and snacks
9. Use shaving cream to make creatures or boats on wading pool water
10. Have as African safari for pre-schoolers: hide plastic animals in the yard and give kids small aquarium dip nets to ‘capture’ them when found. Make a zoo in the sand box

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