Heard It Through the Grapevine: Top Tips From Parents


There is nothing like another parent who has been in the trenches for advice. From teething to traveling , and washing to weaning, here are 20 fabulous tips offered by parents who have been there!

  1. baby_feet_810_500_55_s_c1Colicky baby: Many parents have calmed a fussy newborn by dipping her feet into warm water. Maybe it is a memory of amniotic fluid, but it often works when nothing else will

2. Extra Sleep: For extra moments of precious sleep in the morning, place a small bucket of interesting items in the crib before you go to bed at night for your toddler to wake to—a roll of duct tape, small salad tongs, a book, etc.

3. From Bottle to Cup: When weaning an older child from bottles, soak the nipples in grapefruit juice overnight.   The nipples will hold some bitterness from the juice. When the child complains, tell him it is a sure sign that he is outgrowing bottles and tell him that drinking from a cup is the answer

4.Fat Lip Relief: When your child gets a fat lip owie, offer a popsicle to ‘ice’ the lip

5. Icing Bruises: Freeze mustard and mayonnaise packets to use as tiny ice packs on child size bruises

6. Dealing with Tantrum: Most tantrums need an audience. Walk away. Tell her you are giving yourself a Time Out from the fuss

7. Toilet Training: Throw a Cheerio into the toilet and ask your toilet training boy to aim for it.

images8. Playing Alone: Teach your child to amuse herself while very young, and place toys and activities in the crib when they are content and peaceful—after a bath, or after eating a meal for example—and not when you are desperate for a few moments. Kids have radar for that and will resist

9. Toilet Training the Resistant: While toilet training, swap disposable diapers for cloth. Many kids do not like the feel of cloth after paper diapers and will opt for the toilet instead.

10. Drink from a Straw: Even young babies can learn to sip from a straw, making it easier for you to quench their thirst while on the road or in a restaurant. Place a straw in a glass of water, place your finger over the top and the water will stay in the straw. Release your finger when the straw is in baby’s mouth

11. DIY Baby Wipe Recipe: Soak paper towels or tissues in a mixture of half baby oil, half water. Squeeze excess liquid from them, and place in a Ziploc plastic bag

12. Teething Trick #1: Cold things against teething gums are soothing. Place a clean wet washcloth in the freezer and let your baby suck on it when frozen

13. Teething Trick #2: Place a piece of peeled apple in thin material like cheesecloth, or a dishtowel. Pull up the material, wrap a rubber band around it, and freeze. Babies love sucking the juice of the thawing apple and feeling the relief of something cold in their mouth

14. Safe Fingers: Keep a door from slamming on a toddler’s fingers by placing a towel on top of the door

15. Bath Time: Some babies feel unsafe taking baths in a big bathtub. Place baby in a plastic laundry basket that has been lowered into the water

16. Blood Stains: Scrub fresh blood stains with hydrogen peroxide to make them disappear from clothing, sheets, etc

17. Fingernails and Chapped Lips: If your child fusses when her nails are cut, or when you try to apply chapstick to lips, do it while she is asleepNail-6_wide-2

18. Travel Tips: Entertain a toddler on your lap in a plane with a large plastic vitamin bottle of things you would not normally let them play with—paper clips, rubber bands, magnets, etc.—without adult supervision

19. Easier Doctor Appointments: Buy a real stethoscope, or a child’s doctor kit and have them play doctor before an upcoming well-check. Role play the different things the doctor will do



























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