Beyond the Refrigerator Door: 10 Ways to Save Kid’s Art

Don’t get buried under your kid’s art, get clever.


I knew a mother who discreetly crumpled a few of her daughter’s many drawings for starting a fire in the wood stove. The phone rang and she closed the stove door before lighting it to answer.  “MOM!!” A voice screamed a few moments later. Her four year old appeared clutching the sooty papers.


The blackened drawings were lovingly smoothed and are now archived in a box labeled Family History.

There is nothing as glorious as children’s art. There is nothing as prolific either. Who can resist the bold drawings, the colors, the energy? Who has the room to house the growing pile of Piccassos that pile up on every flat surface in the house? It is important to save kids’ art but we can get buried under the effort.P1040482

Begin with reminding your child that all artists sort their work. It is the way of creativity. Have your child make special piles and extra-special piles. The special piles are set in a box somewhere far away to be recycled later. The extra special piles are saved. From photo albums to neighborhood exhibits, there are many ways to save your child’s art and celebrate creativity.

10 Ways to Save Your Child’s Art

1. Take a photo of each painting or project your child would like to save. Place the photos in an album. Eventually the art can be recycled.

2. Tape pieces together to make wrapping paper for gifts.

3. Use 2 plastic bins. One for the special art and one for the daily art. Have your child decide himself which piece of art belongs where.

4. Buy a large artist’s portfolio. Save all art work in the portfolio, and go through it at the end of the year to decide which to save permanently

5. Make sets of greeting cards with blank envelopes as gifts P1030674 2

6. Have an art exhibit and invite the neighborhood

7. Make stationary. Place the paper in boxes with envelopes.

8. Punch holes into the art and place in a 3-ring binder.

9. Make a tablecloth by taping pieces together with bright blue painter’s tape

10. Glue your child’s painting onto colored poster board and laminate for a place mat.

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  1. in addition to photographing every artwork so that we get dispose of the masterpieces eventually, we also have an “art gallery” in our … garage. That’s right! And each kiddo has one of those picture frames that holds a whole bunch of pictures but only one on top is displayed. Our 5 yr old changes the featured artwork regularly, usually just replacing it with newest “masterpiece”

    • Great idea! And what a good way to honor their art and give them control over it.
      Thanks for the idea Angie.

  2. Great ideas, If I may add one more idea, it’s called Keepy – it’s an app to save kids’ artwork schoolwork and mementos in a private timeline. You can snap the photo, crop it , add caption location date and even record your kid describing the artwork

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