Applesauce Recipe to Warm the Soul

Applesauce is one of those things that warms the soul on a crisp fall day, and is easy enough for children of all ages to make and enjoy! I make some every year for Christmas gifts, which I wrap up with something delicious and drop it on doorsteps once the holiday season begins. I love how beautiful it looks and how satisfying it is to give a gift which my kids and I have made together which is delicious! Here’s how:

Begin with a box of apples. I love using a box of assorted organic apples from our local produce guy.

To make your applesauce interesting and entertaining for children of all ages, use this handy dandy tool. It does have an official name, but the girls and I call it the apple spinner! It peels, slices and cores all in one spinning motion. The kids love to turn the apples, and play with the peels which come off in thin strips.This will also make the process go quite a bit faster!

Take the apples and put them in a large pot with about 1/2 c. of water in the bottom. Once you get all your apples in your pot, add sugar if you wish, and cinnamon to taste. Cover and boil down carefully, stirring often, and if you wish, blend with a hand blender, or mash to the consistency you prefer. I like to leave it a little chunky just so I can say, “See, I made this everybody!”

Next you have a decision to make. If you would like to freeze your applesauce just for your family, you can do so in ziplock baggies, but freeze them flat, so they store nicely in your freezer. This is great for pulling out of the freezer and placing into a container so you can eat it at a meal, or in school lunches during the week. If you would like to give it as gifts, you will want to can them.

Canning them is a process you can find specific instructions to at: Ball’s Instructions for Canning Applesauce

My process is simple, what I do is heat the lids and rings in a bowl of hot water, heat the jars in the canner right before I scoop in the hot applesauce. I clean the rim with a dishcloth after its loaded and carefully put them into a hot water canner I process for 25 minutes.

I take them out with great care, and repeat process until they are done. Your yield usually depends upon how many jars of various sizes you use, and how many apples you have used. I like to use the smaller jars because it allows for more gifts! This time my box of apples yielded 15 pint jars and some for my family to eat during the week.

My girls adore this process as it fills our house full of cinnamon smells and tastes delicious. My preschool crowd loved the process too! It is a fun project for all ages, and even better as it gives you a bunch of gifts to hand out. Enjoy!


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