10 Top Picks for Baby Gear 2015

fiona margo

fiona margo

by Bridgette Blakey

 There is an infinite amount of baby paraphernalia available out there–some are useful, some junk, some I will save and some will be given away. Baby girl is nearly 9 months now and here are my top picks after wrestling through the endless amounts of baby gear available:

1.) Bob Stroller

This is the king of all strollers! It is complete with real tires, shocks, and handle breaks. It can withstand bumpy side streets as well as camping trails. This is THE best stroller for jogging as well. A little pricey, but worth the investment.

2.) Moses Basket

This adorable basket serves as a quiet and safe place where your baby can rest. You can move it around the house or take it with you on trips. We used ours as a bassinet and it worked great.

3.) Rock a Roo Swing

This swing is great when you just need to put your baby down. It has a hook up for an iPhone or iPod and keeps baby entertained while you cook or clean nearby.

4.) Sofie the GiraffeVulli-Sophie-the-Giraffe-Teether--pTRU1-7953922dt

This toy rocks, and I’m not completely sure why. It is a simple 100% rubber giraffe which is hand painted in France. Also a little pricey for a toy, but worth all the smiles it brings.

5.) Wub a Nub

Whomever thought to sew a beanie baby onto a pacifier is a genius, because that’s basically what this is. The little stuffed animal attached to the pacifier is just the right size for a baby to snuggle.

ergo-baby-carrier6.) Ergo Carrier

I love all of the baby wraps I have used, but the Ergo is the easiest and fastest to put baby in and be on your way. It is a great to take along when traveling as it’s lightweight and can fold up on itself to stuff into a bag.

7.) Honest Diaper Bundles

Once a month Honest Company delivers diapers right to our doorstep along with one months supply of wipes. On top of all the cute prints to choose from, these diapers and wipes are eco-friendly! They do run a bit small, so we always have order the next size up.

8.) My Best Friend Nursing Pillow

This pillow saved me in the early days. It takes the trouble of getting baby in the ‘right’ position to nurse out of the equation. You just buckle it around your midsection and lay baby down on their side.

9.) Pura Bottles

These bottles are stainless steel. They stay warm for long periods of time and are dishwasher safe! As a bonus, they won’t break when your babe throws them, or warp in the dishwasher.

10.) Jumpercc5512b194d8f5d6c6a9e93717476dd5

This jumper was the cheapest one I found and works great. It’s endless entertainment for your baby, and for you, as it makes them look like little dancing leprechauns.





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