Earth Soup with Rainbow Petals


by Rebecca Lemar

Bored kids and the sun is out? Here is a Never-Fail, hands-on project that kids love! There are few instructions and watching the riffs on the theme is delightful.
Earth soup needs a big bowl or bucket!
• Pour dish or bubble soap into the bowl, turn on the hose and fill the bowl with water to create lots of bubbles
IMG_7116• Collect flower petals of all colors and shapes. We collected petals of all the
colors of a rainbow with scissors and a basket for the hunt. We were very specific and looked for petals from flowers that were abundant. Watch for bees, bugs and thorns
• Hand out tools to dig, clip, stir or smash and let the kids fill the bubble-bucket with their collected treasures. I let them take fallen tomatoes (which they mashed in their hands), all the weeds they wanted, dirt, sand, stones, pine cones, feathers, twigs, sunflower seeds, tree bark. Throw it in. And stir.
Two boys dug into a hill looking for worms and bugs to add to the soup, with another two stirring wildly to make bubbles while someone else hunted for flower petals. Everyone loved it. IMG_7088
• Add clear cups for seeing the dirty color and floating grass and petals
Want to do more with the Rainbow Petals?
• Flatten them in a Leaf and Flower Press (or between wax paper in a large dictionary
• If clipping petals is not your game, write out a scavenger hunt list and check off once you find the right color to match. We need to find a RED FLOWER! Now an ORANGE FLOWER! …
• Or you can even write the colors of the rainbow and count how many flowers you find are that color.

It is science, math, art and fun rolled into one exciting activity!

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