Thoughts on Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom


by Jenna Hall

I secretly used to judge stay-at-home moms with their (seemingly) vast amounts of time and think to my busy working self, if only I could be at home all day with the kids, I would have a __________________(fill in the blank with: a perfectly clean house, gourmet dinners every night, more social time with friends, more time for blogging or crafting or re-painting the house, well-balanced children and a happier marriage). Being at home with the children all day seemed so easy compared to balancing work and babies. But balancing just babies is actually a lot more challenging and exhausting. In my previous life, I had a nanny that wore the kiddos out during the day. Now, I am the one to wear them out all day and the only one who seems worn out at the end of the day is me.

Finn’s preschool teacher told me she read a study that said human beings have the most energy in their lives at age 5. Which infers that there is a steep incline of energy from birth to five, and my kids are on that roller coaster, rapidly clicking up that steep hill. I, however, am on the swift and steep drop on the other side. I joked with a friend that there is a biological reason we are capable of having children at 15. Because 15 is a lot closer to 5 than 32 is, in energy terms.  But to any 15 year old’s reading this, don’t have kids yet. There is too much of life to experience yet.

So, here I am, at home with my kids and of that original dream list of things I thought I would accomplish once I became a stay at home mom? I have succeeded at only two. My kids are much more well-balanced (in my humble opinion) and I have more time to devote to my marriage. Which I suppose is really what’s important anyway. Instead of my usual long-list of parenting resolutions, this year’s are simple: more time outside and less time in front of screens. And maybe that is the secret to whatever path we take:  toss the unreachable, hold fast to the important–love, and relationships. Where we spend the collateral of time determines what our lives become.  That is what I am telling myself on this Friday morning.


Jenna is the former Vice President of Snopac Products, a graduate with an MSc in bio-conservation from Oxford University, and is currently writing a screenplay in her spare time between raising 4 kids. 



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