A Single Mom’s Survival Foods

BX0608H_roasted-hazelnut-granola_s4x3By Bridgette Blakey

With a husband that fishes during the summer, it’s my job to hold down the fort. For me this past summer that meant taking care of 6 chickens, a booming garden, a chinchilla, a dog, a six month old, and…oh yeah, myself! Let’s just say I have a new respect for single moms. Here are my top 10 recommended survival foods to have on hand:

1.) Granola
I swear, this was my breakfast, lunch and dinner some days. I use Ina Garten’s recipe. It’s great because it makes such a huge batch that lasts about two weeks. The only thing I changed was I used about 1/4 cup less oil

2.) Costco sized box of protein or granola bars
Let’s face it. You will forget to eat. Sometimes I would look at the clock to see it was 5pm and I hadn’t eaten all day. Pack some of these in your diaper bag. Bonus- the wrapper doubles as a crinkle toy!

images3.) Coffee
Not a food, but definitely a necessity. A teething six month old equals many sleepless nights. A good idea just to stock up to be safe

4.) Eggs
I’m lucky here because I only have to travel to my backyard for these. Protein packed to keep you charged and quick to prepare. It takes about 4 minutes to scramble a couple eggs. To make in advance, hard boil a bunch and add to salads, sandwiches, or just enjoy solo with salt and pepper.eggs1

5.) Salmon
I recommend cooking up a full fillet. Cold salmon leftovers are delicious in a simple salad, or substituted for tuna in a tuna fish salad.

6.) Salad Greens
Sometimes all you have time for is to put something on a plate. Wash greens, put on plate, add olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Done. If you have extra odds and ends on hand heres a great place for them. Olives, feta, corn, hardboiled eggs, cold salmon, cold rice or quinoa, the possibilities with salad are endless!

7.) Bananas
Another great grab and go. Bananas have one of the highest concentration of vitamins of all fruits based on their low water content. Doubles as food for your baby as well

8.) Yogurt
I buy one large container instead of many the small ones. My favorite is Wallaby Vanilla. The perfect accompaniment to your granola!

9.) Dark chocolate
High in antioxidants, this is the perfect dessert to keep on hand. The higher the cocoa content, the fruitier the flavor. I recommend anything over 70% and to try sucking on a block rather than eating quickly. This really brings out some interesting flavors that you would otherwise miss

Cheese-Deli1410.) A few delicious cheeses
I recommend getting a little fancy with selecting your cheeses. Next time your at the grocery store, ask the man behind the cheese counter to give you his recommendations. If your still not sure, an aged Gouda is always a win. Delicious cheeses, fresh bread, and a glass of wine- now that’s a beautiful thing!

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