Art Mural: An All Ages Art Project

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By Rebecca Lemar

Every Mother’s Day I like to bring a collaborative art project to grandmas. Well, sometimes it is a week or a month behind.
Ok! Once a year I like to do a collaborative art project with the whole extended family, sometimes around Mother’s Day, sometimes not. I always love the journey to finish. An activity as simple as painting brings us all together and we leave with a memory, a sample of our creativity and a piece of beautiful artwork. This art mural project is so much fun because it’s all on the same canvas and it looks so special with its white border.  The project is from Nancy Blakey’s book:  101 Alternatives to Television.
What you will need:AprilMay 2015 Dad Mudpie Nana bday 179
• Large or Medium-sized canvas (inexpensive & available at art supply stores and most variety stores)
• Tempera or poster paints
• Paintbrushes in a variety of widths
• Duct tape or similar tape to divide canvas into sections

Frame the canvas with painters tape around the edges to provide an unpainted outline to highlight your work. Then divide the canvas into sections with the tape. This allows each artist his own space and eliminates the worry of slopping paint into the margins of the mural. Give each artist a section of the canvas to work in. Think of a theme (spring, what makes you happy, music, etc) or allow family members their own subjects. Our two year old was happy brushing stripes while our five year old wanted to paint the details of a rainbow. When all the sections are finished, let the paint dry and gently lift the tape from the canvas. The clean edges between each painting give the canvas a wonderful “professional” look. You can choose to create a pattern in the margin or leave it unpainted.AprilMay 2015 Dad Mudpie Nana bday 229

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