60 Second Science: Dancing Raisins


by Rebecca Lemar

This is a fun and super easy project! We laughed and laughed. The materials are simple. The procedure is fast and requires no more than observation. Before dropping in the raisin, ask your preschooler, “What do you think will happen to the raisin?”
What you will need:
• Sparkling water
• RaisinsIMG_4036
• Clear glass
Pour a clear glass with fresh sparkling water. (Flat water will not work). Drop a half of a raisin in. That’s it. The raisin rises and falls because the bubbles collect along the sides and make it buoyant.
On another day say, let’s do the dancing raisin experiment again, but this time let’s try a whole raisin, a bean, a grape, an orange seed, etc. Make a chart with a yes and no column. Draw pictures of bean, grape, etc. if your child cannot read.

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