Recycling Parents: The Power of Sleep

How does one do that? How do we recycle parents? Move from old to new in the parenting category?

Let’s ask mom. What does your mother say?

“Sleep! You need more sleep!” Thanks Mom. Not to discredit mom,  but she is probably still traumatized from when she lost sleep with you in your childhood..teenage years, …ok, is still losing sleep. We all know we need more sleep. Raise your hand if you are SURE its the answer to this “old to new” question? I might have to agree, I think it could be part of the solution.

When was the last time you heard a parent say, “Wow! I slept great!?” In my mind I can picture them. Parents climbing out of squishy down comforters, stretching and saying to their spouse, “Good morning honey, what a great sleep!” The toddler bounds in and climbs into the scene, the three-year old shuffles his footed pajama shuffle, sweet-smelling and happy to be alive. Rays of sunshine illuminate their smiles, It’s a picturesque family moment, everyone having slept 8-10 hours, happy and ready to face the day.

Reality? I think we know what it looks like. You may have seen it this morning.

It looks like this photo my brave friend allowed me to use. Here she is with her sweet baby she loves beyond measure, but like my friend, we all have those moment where we wonder, “Will I EVER sleep again??”


Or this reality in this article: How to Put A Toddler to Bed  from the Huffington Post. Hilarious.

I’ve made some executive decisions about recycling the old into new, as parents, I wanted to share with you:

1. Breathe deeply..that oxygen has GOT to be good for your body and soul.

2. Put yourself on a time out if you need to. I’m a huge fan of “Mommy time-outs”.

3. Sleep instead of watching TV. I know its a sacrifice, but you might even like it..and I know TV mellows you out so you can sleep. SLEEP mellows you out so you can sleep–try it.

4. Find support. Hire support Beg for support. Do what you’ve got to do so you can get out and spend time with the adults you love.

5. Exercise. Yes I saw you roll your eye at me. Truly, it will make you feel better. You can do this. A walk, a class, 10 sit-ups while your toddler sits on your feet.

6. Lastly, eat well. Now this is coming from a woman who had two blueberry Poptarts for lunch today, BUT if you can begin to change how you eat–to healthier options, you will be recycled into someone new, from the inside out. I promise, it helps. (not the Poptarts, the healthier options…although Poptarts do help on some level).

Thats it. Try it. Just give yourself a week of this, and see if it doesn’t recycle you a bit into someone new. A new person, and new parent. You’re going to find you’re worth recycling!

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