The Best of Mudpie Mama Posts 2013


You are a free-ranging group with wide interests!  You enjoy making homemade Valentines  photo-101-300x300over store-bought cards.  You are looking for ways to get your kids outdoors even in the heart of winter, and you are asking the right questions when it comes to parenting.

 When reviewing Mudpie Mamas for the most popular posts, we were struck by the breadth of your parental concerns and passions.   Here’s testament, with these top posts of the year chosen by you, are wonderful readers!

  Cinnamon Dough Ornaments


A  year round favorite that can be pulled out on rainy days as well as the holidays.

 Fall Down 7 Times Stand Up 8:  Raising Resilient Kids


Here are some surprising answers on how to develop resiliency in your child,

a skill that can make all the difference toward a meaningful life as an adult.

 10 Easy Things and 1 Hard to Remember When Raising Kids


Believe in monsters under the bed and other thoughts for parents.


Ask a Mama: Temper Tantrums and How to React as a Parent

IHateSnow (2)

Parenting guide extraordinaire Paula Solis Anderson takes you deep into the heart of a tantrum,

and offers a way through to peace.




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