Homemade Gifts: A Snowman Kit

Listen people, I am no Pinterest. God lovem’ –but I want something quick, and fun, that my two and three year olds can pull off relatively painlessly. That is why I love this simple homemade gift! I’m here to tell you this holiday season doesn’t have to be store-bought expensive presents. Here is a cute seasonal gift that is fun for children young and old; painless even– A Snowman Kit!

Get you friends and families ready for snow with this simple Snowman kit:

2 eyes (rocks I found in the backyard and spray painted black)

2 large buttons (I found in a button jar I’ve had forever)

a felt scarf (I bought for $3 at the craft store)

A plastic carrot (which I opted for instead of a real one–also craft store; real ones will be less expensive)


Hot chocolate packets from the grocery store

I wrapped these all up in a plastic, tied a bow on it, and wah-la! A Snowman kit!

I added two snowman cookies, just to make things cute. Here is a sugar cookie recipe to make your own snowman cookies at home. I liked these cookies in this photo, because they looked simple. I’m all about simplifying!




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