Gratitude and The Good-Bearers

Often after a hard day, I get particularly crabby, and say out loud, “Where in the world is the GOOD?” You think I’m kidding, but I really do.  Am I the only one who does this? Who wonders where the good in the world has vanished to, when things don’t hard over and over again?

My mind spins in a low-gratitude moment through all the ugly, sad and hopeless, often including my own impending demise through raising pre-teens girls, and I stand and pout.  Maybe cross my arms across my chest and growl.

Then somewhere out of the depths of my low gratitude moment, my mind searches, as if my life depended upon it and sorts through all I know in this world until it rests on this.


And Robert.

Olivia and Emily and the other fourteen preschoolers who I spend a large part of life with, and adore.

I can hear their squeaky voices, and see how delightful the world is through their eyes. Logan got up early this week because he wanted to be at preschool so badly. Colter couldn’t understand why the Veterans wouldn’t want him to come to preschool on Monday when school was closed. (Veteran’s Day). It’s this sort of curiosity, drive and raw love we need as adults; the eyes that can find gratitude in almost anything.

This week we did a preschool project, “What I am Thankful for this Year” and do you know what these kids were thankful for? Frogs. Monster trucks. Race cars. Bananas, just to name a few. Bananas. When was the last time you were thankful for bananas?

These kids are the Good-bearers in this world. They arrive bearing spiders and pinecones and other delightful things they’ve found mysterious and exciting. They are 100% true to themselves, emotions, tantrums and joy all rolled into these lightning speed running, bug-hunting , hole digging “racecar-rocket ship-submarines” building three and four year olds. They awaken my gratitude, and remind me of what is good in this world.

No where can I find the significance of pure and good more than in young children; life that has not yet been squished into weekend joy, and minds still believe in Tinkerbell. They remind me through their innocence, that if you look hard enough, there will always be those who are good, and pure and can steer our hearts back to hope and gratitude if we have the eyes to see the Good-bearers and the message they bring.

What has one of these Good-bearers-caused you to be thankful for lately?

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