Making a Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole

Making a Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole is a fun way to display your carved pumpkins, and gets the whole family involved!

Here’s how:

Purchase several pumpkins of carving varieties. If you choose the ornamental you will need a drill or saw to cut them (I kid you not), so go for the average Joe carving pumpkin.

Find a broom stick, or dowel to use as your support within the pumpkin, tall enough to hammer into the ground and hold the weight of your pumpkins.

Cut open the pumpkin and clean out the inside. Carve to your liking, and save the seeds for roasting; recipe here on our blog!

Carefully cut around the stem and remove from each pumpkin, leaving a hole in the top. Save the stem for the one pumpkin you plan on using for the top of your totem pole.

Cut a whole in the bottom of each pumpkin as big as your support stick.

Take your pumpkins, stick and hammer outside to secure to the ground.

Mount each pumpkin on the stick, according to size if you like, and add candles.

Wahla! A Jack-o-Lantern Totem pole!


What fun ways do you carve or display your pumpkins? We love it when you write to us! Please share!


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