Planting a Pumpkin in a Pumpkin

This is a fun activity for all ages. Planting a pumpkin in a pumpkin is easy to do, and is a great science lesson on growing pumpkins.

What you will need;

Check out this fabulous book from the library, “Pumpkin Pumpkin” and buy a tough skinned pumpkin, and some potting soil.

Read the book to your child, then get out the tools! Open the pumpkin and empty out the seeds and pulp, clean decently and add potting soil (the more pulp the more chance of molding). Plant several seeds back to the pumpkin in the soil and lightly water. Set by a sunny window and watch it grow! My only caution is don’t over water, and it will indeed begin to compost, so put a plate or something protective underneath.

What fun projects do you and your children do in the fall?

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  1. Hi, my daughter’s second grade class made this project at school. Her seeds are growing very quickly. I’m wondering what to do next? The sprouts are getting too big for the small pumpkin so should I remove them and replant or just plant the small pumpkin along with the sprouts into a larger container? Thank you!

    • Hi Brandy,
      Great to hear they tried it in your daughter’s class! I have carefully removed as much pumpkin as possible and transplanted the seeds, in a large mass to an indoor pot to see how they would do. Unfortunately, my little pumpkin sprouts became leggy and in the end died, but if your thumb is greener than mine, you may have some success. Best of luck to you and your pumpkin endeavors! Let us know what happens.
      Thanks for writing!
      Mudpie Mama Paula

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