Pickles and Memories









Will my children remember summertime and the smell of dill and vinegar lofting through the kitchen? The steamy windows and the conversation of the three of us, laughter and scrubbing pickles, stuffing jars and the brilliant colors of red peppers  and green cucumbers. My hope is in these days of rest and sunshine, memories made throughout these peaceful times will long hold in our memories and hearts when the seasons change and we find ourselves busier than we would like. The school year is just a few summer days away and as much as I want to cling to the slow pace of summer, I can feel the winds of change coming. A year full of possibilities, but still jam-packed full of schedule, homework and early mornings. Regardless, I’m holding onto summer for a little bit longer, the mindset of summer at least, ..and the memories.

This is the time to can pickles, here is a recipe, but better yet, this is the time to make memories, laugh in the kitchen and soak in the last days of summer.

What will you remember about this summer when you look back?

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