10 things for the weekend

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? It is supposed to be sunny, but cold, here in Seattle so we will be spending a lot of time outside. In addition to getting some Vitamin D, here are some things that we might get around to doing this weekend:

My family will be making one of these for a friend’s birthday (and maybe one for us too!)

Have you be introduced to this inspirational mother? I love her questionnaire idea at the bottom of the homepage and plan to start this weekend.

I will be reading this favorite book to little ears at least 3 or 4 times.

We will also probably watch this little goat about 5 times (I cried with laughter).

2013 is a year of weddings (7 and counting!), so once the kids are in bed, I will be doing a lot of browsing here for wedding gifts (I like this, and these, and this so far).

I hope to read this article, which will supposedly make me want to de-clutter my house!

We might get a head-start on making Valentines. 3-year-old Finn would get a huge kick out of this one.

My mother is a poet, in addition to her other many talents and she wrote a poem about the Things I Could Do Today But Won’t. Like teach a squirrel to fetch the newspaper or whistle for 2 hours straight. A fun exercise in creative explosion that I might have to do this weekend.

We often have impromptu dance parties around here. This is one of our favorite songs.

But mostly, I hope there is a lot of this in our weekend.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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