10 Things I Have Done Against the Advice of Experts


  1. I let my three year old have a bottle and a pacifier at night because he needs them to calm his brain and sleep
  2. I did not wake up my newborn to feed her every three hours because I needed the sleep and was a better parent because of it
  3. I let my children fall, often
  4. I am green-shirting* (is that the opposite of red-shirting?) my son because he is very big and very clever for his age and I don’t care if it reduces his chances of getting into an Ivy League school (*pushing him into school younger rather than older)
  5. I ate bleu cheese and sushi when I was pregnant
  6. I am an authoritative attachment parent, with strong boundaries and time-outs
  7. I had a gentle and beautiful home birth with my second after a traumatic c-section with my first baby
  8. I listen to my intuition first and my pediatrician second
  9. I let my three year old use real knives under my watchful eye when we are cooking together
  10. I don’t sterilize bottles or pacifiers unless we are in a third world country and even then, only if I have time
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  1. Ha, I love these! Intuition will rarely steer you wrong!

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